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Importance Of Cleaning

Dive deep, live clean! Our deep cleaning penetrates beyond the surface, targeting hidden grime and allergens. For a home that doesn't just look clean but truly feels it. Experience the Empire difference!


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A Clean Space

We guarantee that we've transformed spaces and elevated the health of countless homes.

Importance Of Carpet Cleaning

More than a clean – it's care! Regular carpet sessions banish hidden dirt and allergens, extending carpet life and ensuring a healthier home. Commit to consistent cleanliness with us. Fresh steps, every time!


Carpets Cleaned


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Leveraging our exclusive Empire Cleanse Quality Process and feedback loop, we ensure only the most proficient professionals are dispatched to your premises, poised for action. So go ahead – unwind and savor your day with peace of mind.

Importance Of Pressure Washing

Beyond mere cleanliness – it's restoration! Regular pressure washing sessions eradicate stubborn grime and unseen hazards, prolonging surface longevity and promoting a pristine environment. Embrace the renewing touch of our services. A fresh facade, every instance!


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Experienced Professionals

Since 2007, Empire Cleanse has led in superior cleaning services for homes, apartments, buildings, and offices, connecting clients with professional technicians.

Importance Of Window Cleaning

More than clarity – it's a vista! Regular window cleaning sessions dissolve smudges and erase streaks, enhancing your view and inviting natural light. Engage with a brighter outlook through our meticulous service. Clear panes, clear gains, every time!"


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Our services aim to improve the quality and health of of your space by cleaning.

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How can I book?
Choose between our website or a quick call to 929-203-5781.
What if I am not satisfied with the clean? 
We'll promptly send our team back for a free touch-up clean!
What states does Empire cover?
We've got you covered nationwide, serving all 50 states!
What cleaning products do you use?
Are they eco-friendly and safe for pets and children?
How often should I get a clean?
 Home or office thrives on regular upkeep. For optimal freshness and longevity, experts recommend cleaning carpets every 6 to 12 months and general spaces at least bi-weekly. With Empire, not only do we adhere to these best practices, but with each visit, we tailor our services to your space's evolving needs. Let us be your partner in maintaining a pristine environment, ensuring your carpets and spaces always reflect the best of you. Choose consistency, choose excellence, choose Empire.

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